5 Reasons to Visit the Isle of Skye

I am ashamed to admit that, until last week, after 2 and a half years at university in Scotland I hadn’t ventured far outside of the St. Andrews bubble. That is, excluding a couple of trips to Edinburgh, a handful of local towns and driving to and from the ferry, I had failed to explore ‘bonnie Scotland’. Christmas 2017 felt like the right time to rectify this. What does a girl get her aspiring photographer boyfriend? Not more PlayStation accessories (much to his disappointment), but a two night get away to arguably the most stunning corner of the country. Certainly, the Isle of Skye did not disappoint and I can’t encourage you enough to check it out. Just in case you need a little more persuasion, here are my top 5 reasons to visit.

1. The scenery is breath-taking:

Despite the wintery January weather, I can honestly say, the natural beauty of this little island is spectacular. Words cannot describe the splendour of its largely untouched landscape and they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll stop rambling and you can see for yourselves.

2. You’ll see more highland cows/sheep/birds than people:

What could be better than stunning views without a million other selfie-taking tourists at every turn? Admittedly, January is not exactly peak season, but I can’t imagine there have ever been the same sweaty hoards of visitors as you get at the Trevi Fountain or the Eiffel Tower! One Robin was feeling particularly friendly on our trip and helped himself to some cheese from our picnic, just look at his cheeky face below! We had less interaction with Skye’s woolly inhabitants, they were decidedly more sheepish… (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

3.You can enjoy uninterrupted silence

Silence. Pure silence. Away from the hustle and bustle of the busy towns and cities, it was so refreshing to hear nothing aside from the trickle of running water, gusts of wind through the the trees and the pop of a prosecco cork. Three days spent walking, exploring, picnicking and Rory taking 300 million photos was just so relaxing. That being said, the wifi at the hotel was a god-send – I mean lets not get too carried away, can anyone be separated from Instagram for that long?

4. Great restaurants and bars

Despite being very rural, the Isle of Skye boasts a wealth of delicious eateries and cosy pubs. Unfortunately, lots of them were closed in January. Whilst we certainly didn’t struggle to find somewhere to eat, its something to bear in mind if you plan on booking a trip.

5. Why not?

I’m sure my university lecturers would be proud of this well developed, nuanced and suitably supported argument, but quite frankly if you’ve made it to the fifth point on this list and aren’t convinced, I’m afraid you’re a lost cause! This mini staycation to the Isle of Skye was definitely one of the best trips we’ve had, even the drive there and back was something in itself (though this did mean stopping every 10 minutes to let Rory set up his tripod…). In a last ditch attempt to persuade those of you who made it to point 5, here are some more of Rory’s photos for good measure.

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