Banish Blue Monday

It’s cold. It’s dreary. It’s January. Christmas festivities are over, waistlines have expanded and bank balances have mysteriously depleted – January can be a bit of a drag! If you’re feeling down I have good news for you, today is the most depressing day of the year, so the only way is up! In an attempt to banish the slump of blue Monday, here are a few light-hearted suggestions to add some spring back into your step.

Rossnowlagh 4.jpg

Take some time to yourself

Make the most of the lull in your social calendar to look after yourself and recharge your batteries. I’m talking ultimate bubble bath complete with bath bombs, candles and a good book… Pure bliss and just think of all the money you’re saving at your DIY home spa. You could always have a cheeky glass of wine and a square or six of chocolate – you can hardly deny yourself on blue Monday!


Get Organised

Nothing lifts my mood like scoring things off a good old to-do-list, (sad I know)! Compose a list of manageable tasks and feel the sweet satisfaction of ticking it off on completion. Get out of bed… tick! Spend an evening clearing out your wardrobe, or if you’re feeling really brave tackle ‘that drawer’. You know the one we all have that is filled with random wires, odd pieces of paper and the sad remnants of a mince pie.


Plan a treat

Having something to look forward to can be the necessary light at the end of the tunnel you need to make it through the month. Something as small as a day trip somewhere new can help beat the slump. Rory and I had a lovely January boost with a two night stay at the White Horse Hotel. The novelty of a hotel breakfast, the crisp white sheets and a splash in the pool (though I spent most of my time in the sauna defrosting after a day exploring the North Coast!) was the perfect way to banish the blues.


Don’t beat yourself up over your new year’s resolutions

January is dark and cold enough without needing to exacerbate the grim situation. Why put yourself through the torture of cutting out refined sugar of any form and dragging yourself to the gym everyday, having eaten two carrot sticks and a kale smoothie? Setting strict ‘resolutions’ in an attempt to create a whole ‘new me’ is so 2017. Make some small changes that you really want to go through with and will make you feel better. A brisk walk on a crisp January night, followed by a coffee shop cappuccino is much more likely to lift your mood than your 7th spin class on an empty stomach.


Read a good book

Turn off the TV for an evening and allow yourself to block out the outside world. Put your dressing gown on, your feet up and just enjoy. Over Christmas I read Miranda Hart’s ‘Peggy and Me’ which is such an easy read, but hilarious and a must for dog lovers.



Georgia at Dunluce Castle 2


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