Making a G+T Gincredible

Step aside prosecco, there’s a new girl in town – gin. Recently the G+T game has been upped, revolutionised even, with flavoured gins and the rising popularity of a new tonic pushing their way into our Instagram feeds. Before we begin let’s get one thing straight, put down that Gordons and Schweppes gin and tonic and prepare for the gincredible.


Garnish and Tonic

The perfect garnish and tonic added to your favourite gin will make such a difference. Schweppes is so last century, unless you’re in the student union, spend a little extra on Fevertree tonic. They have a range of different tonics, from original or slimline to elderflower and aromatic, each of them pair up better with certain gins. The same goes for garnishes, don’t settle for lemon or lime, have a look at the tasting notes on the bottle or ask the bartender – garnishing accordingly with apple, red berries or orange will make your gin taste so much better. If you’re new to the gin scene and not quite sure what you like and pairs with what, ask the server what they recommend. If you’re in St. Andrews, West Port Bar and Kitchen and The St. Andrews Brewing Company have a massive selection of gin and knowledgeable bar tenders who can help you make the perfect combination. For now here are a few of my personal favourite perfect pours for every occasion.



The Cheap and Cheerful One


Not quite sure if you’re sold on the whole gin thing? Need a bottle to bring to pres that won’t break the bank? Bombay Sapphire is much nicer than Gordons but not much more expensive – keep an eye out for offers in the supermarket.


Gin: Bombay Sapphire

Tonic: Fevertree original

Garnish: Lime




The Guilt Free One


What could be better than enjoying your favourite tipple? Try enjoying your favourite tipple and knowing that you’re helping Elephants in the process! It comes in a really cool bottle and 15% of proceeds go to help African Elephants, what’s not to love?


Gin: Elephant Gin

Tonic: Fevertree Original

Garnnish: Apple and juniper berries




The Adventurous One


Personally, I love this little Spanish number. The recommended garnish for this particular gin are a little more out there but really does make for the perfect combination. As a side note, if a Bramble cocktail is your thing, try it with Gin Mare – delicious!


Gin: Gin Mare

Tonic: Fevertree Original

Garnish: Mix it up with basil and strawberries or thyme and blackberries




The St Patricks Day One


Guinness really isn’t my thing, but it doesn’t stop me from supporting local alcohol distilleries! St Patrick’s day is just one great excuse to enjoy this yummy Irish gin.


Gin: Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin

Tonic: Fevertree Original

Garnish: Red grapefruit




The Garden Party One


Refreshing and simply delightful daaaarling! Really nice in an ‘English Garden’ cocktail or as a light aperitif.


Gin: Hendricks

Tonic: Fevertree elderflower

Garnish: Cucumber




The Cheeky One


Monkey around with this G+T. A fab gin to have in the cupboard, something a little more exciting than Bombay Sapphire, but just as easily garnished with a lime wedge.


Gin: Monkey 47

Tonic: Fevertree Original

Garnish: Lime




The Favourite One


Arguably the best thing to come from St Andrews! There are a couple of varieties of gin by Eden Mill but this is my favourite – a really fab gin with a distinct pink tinge. Got something to celebrate? Make the ultimate gin fizz with a shot of love gin, pureed raspberries and top with prosecco – is it Friday yet?!


Gin: Eden Mill Love Gin

Tonic: Fevertree Elderflower

Garnish: Raspberries

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