Postcard From Calonge

My name is Georgia and I am technically twenty. That is twenty years, three months and twenty-three days, but I mean who’s counting the days since I officially left the hazy bubble of being a teenager, right? Essentially, I am a wannabe forever teenager trying to find my place in the adult world.

Admittedly, I realise that I am not the only person in this particular dilemma,
but having discovered that adult life is not option, I am trying to divert my focus to the things I enjoy. One of these activities is writing, which in fairness, may better be defined as rambling – that part will really be up to you! So here we are. Perhaps now is the perfect moment for me to advise you to settle down with a cup of tea, a cappuccino or even a tipple of a stronger nature, which may make my blog somewhat more interesting! Although, with the plans I have for this summer, I hope that the start of my blogging journey will be exciting enough in itself. The next month involves a trip around eleven European countries which begins here, poolside in Calonge, glass of cava in hand, ready for the adventure to begin…

Seaview, Calonge


After a hectic semester at university and the stress of exams, ten days in the sun by the pool is my exact idea of bliss. Calonge has not been a disappointment. Situated in Spain,surrounded by mountains but also by the beach, this quaint little sun spot in Catalan is the ideal retreat and relax spot. No fighting for beach loungers or pushing away intrusive bar reps, the beach front is perfectly clean and boasts largely uninterrupted natural beauty. As opposed to burnt brits on holiday, the resort appears to be popular among the Spanish population. Not only does this mean that the prices in many of the local bars and restaurants are not all as extortionate as is often the case in a more typical holiday resort, but there are also many outlets offering traditional and homely Spanish food.


Despite the local vibe, Calonge does have more to offer tourists than just its sunny climate. It is accessible to several cities including Barcelona and Girona, both of which are definitely worth a visit for fellow shopaholics and keen sight seers alike. However, finding ourselves just minutes away from a local vineyard and winery, Mas Molla, we decided to take a trip. Being a history student and also partial to the odd glass of wine this was the ideal afternoon holiday activity having spent all morning by the pool. This particular winery has been in the same family from the 14th century and is steeped inhistory. What made it so interesting is that the current generation still use the same basic techniques as their ancestors, albeit with the aid of modern technology which has seen the horse and cart replaced by tractors. This means that the wine that they produce is never exactly the same and even those making it are not precisely sure what their end product will be. This is due to the fact that the process is entirely natural, with no interfering chemicals to adjust the fermentation, colour or taste. The whole experience was something different and really enjoyable, to be recommended to wine experts or those who simply enjoy the odd glass.


As I come to the end of my first blog post, both my travel partner, Rory, and I are getting ready to begin our crazy tour of Europe after a very relaxing break in the sunny Spain. If only adult life was all holiday then being technically twenty something wouldn’t be so difficult to come to terms with!  For now we’re enjoying the sun and looking forward to the month ahead.

Next stop, Geneva.

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